Although there are very few benefits of being in a long-distance relationship, getting to go to England happens to be one of those benefits (and the only one at that) in my case! Coming up in a few weeks I will be saying goodbye to little West Michigan and hello to England! Although I am more than looking forward to finally seeing my boyfriend, meeting his family, and living out my Mary-Kate and Ashley dreams, (Winning London anyone?) with traveling inevitably comes…packing. I don’t know about you, but packing for a month long trip to a place that you’ve never been is not the easiest task, especially when you are a person that likes to be prepared for everything. I know I did a tips post last week, but this one seemed fitting! So here are a few tips that I have gathered when it comes to long travel packing!

  1. Plan! I both love and hate my incessant need to plan (I guess that’s why I’m getting a degree in it), but in this case, it works to my advantage. I know this sounds crazy but I will ย physically put on outfits and take pictures of them ahead of time so I know exactly what to pack. This helps me find multiple outfits around one top which in the end leads to less clothing to pack.
  2. Be monochromatic (shocking coming from me, I know). This one is pretty easy for me as most of my closet consists of blacks, grays, and whites, but it makes mix-matching SO much easier. By keeping it all in the same color-family you are (almost) completely worry free about not matching. I like to every once in a while add pops of color in lipstick, scarves, and maybe one or two tops.
  3. Know what’s most important to you. By this I meanโ€ฆdecide whether you can go without that fifth pair of shoes in order to take two extra jackets, and visa-versa. Unfortunately, you can’t take everything.
  4. Watch the weather. This is a big one for me as I am cold wellโ€ฆ.99% of the time. I can ask my boyfriend as many times as I want what kind of clothes I should bring, but he is a personal heater so I can’t take his advice to heart too much. I watch the weather to basically know how many layers I should plan on wearing because let’s be real, no one likes being cold.
  5. Last but not least, don’t stress. Traveling is fun and although I like to be prepared, I try my best not to over think it. You can always wash and re-wear your clothes and you can buy clothes there (this happens anyways) if need be.

Maybe I am crazy and think way too much into packing, but hey, to each their own.ย I thoroughly enjoy packing because I know it means I am getting to travel, and to me that makes it all worth it!

P.S. I will be in London for a couple of nights and then I will also be in Edinburgh for a few nights so if anyone has any must-sees, feel free to comment below!