Dance was my first love. Especially ballet. It was my comfort zone and it taught me many life lessons. And while I’m a little rusty nowadays I can still pass on many toning techniques used at the barre that you can do right in your own home!


For the barre I just used a dining room chair. Don’t grip the chair, just rest your hand lightly in order to maintain balance. Use that core!Β In ballet, when we refer to “turn out” we mean the position our legs are always in. No matter what we are doing our toes are never pointing forward, but always out to the side. See in the picture above how my knee is pointing to the side, as is the foot on my standing leg? That is turn out. Try your hardest to maintain your turn out and always refer back to the pictures to make sure you have a position correct.

Shall we begin?


First we will start in second position, feet apart, toes pointing out. PliΓ© (or squat) down, keeping your knees out and over your toes. Keep your back straight as well. Rise up and repeat 10-15x. On the lastΒ pliΓ© stay down and pulse up and down about 2 inches, really fine toning your legs and glutes. Rest and repeat for 3 cycles.


Now go into first position, heels together and toes pointing out. In ballet when we do a barre combination we will complete the moves on one side starting with the front, then side, then to the back, and to the side again to finish it off. Then turn around, holding the barre with your other hand and complete the moves on the other leg.


Start off brushing your leg forward, keeping that turn out with your knee facing to the side. Lift it as high as you can without moving your hips and bring it back into first position. Great job! You now know what a battement (pronounced bat-muh) is! Battement to the front 5x, to the side 5x, to the back 5x, and to the side once again 5x. Squeeze that tush! Repeat on the other side.



To up your game, on the 5th battement during your front, side, back, side rotations, battement and hold, pulsing up and down about 2 inches 5x.

I hope this inspires some creativity in your workouts! Finish this week strong and fuel your body with protein, whole grains, and the veggies you need after a tough workout! Happy weekend, friends!

Until next time,

Tiffany xo