The “blush pink” color has been everywhere this year, and I am loving it! I have to admit, I am not normally a pink person…at all. However for some reason this color caught my eye the first time I saw it. So many times we stray from bringing the light tones into winter because we consider it a Summer color, which is why I put together this outfit to show that it can indeed be worn even in the blistering cold of Michigan.

I chose polka-dot tights to break up all the dark and to add a different tone to the grays and blacks. I paired them with over the knee socks and over the knee boots for a more layered look. This sweater dress is not only very warm (much needed) but it is also amazingly comfortable. I love this scarf because it adds some depth to the outfit and brings in a pop of color, even if it is muted. By draping the scarf rather than wrapping it around the neck, it allows the turtleneck to be seen and for a more even flow to the dress. How do you add your Summer colors into your winter outfits?


blushandblack blushandblack blushandblack blushandblack


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