Lace 1

Noelle Miles Photography

In case you haven’t noticed, my favorite color to wear is black. Sometimes wearing all black can look a little bit harsh or too ‘edgy’ for where I am going that day. That is where I found my love for lace. Although I still mainly keep my lace in the black or white familiesΒ {i’m boring, I know}, I find that it adds a touch of femininity and breaks up an all black outfit.

The shoesΒ that I am wearing have quickly become my new favorite pair of flats. Although they keep in my favorite color of black, they are very feminine. I can’t decide whether I like them more because they are so comfy and go with everything or because they remind me of ballet shoes πŸ˜› I find it is more in the small things that can add the feminine touches. Try out some lace and cute ballet flats and let me know what you think!