Old habits die hard. I have sure learned that lesson since starting my health journey this year. One day I can be so motivated. And the motivation may even last a whole week! But then…it happens again. A stressful night at work, a long day with a crabby baby, or whatever your situation may be…it kills your motivation and the cravings kick in. One of my biggest weaknesses is not wanting to take the time to prepare a healthy meal. So what’s the next easiest thing? Restaurant food, fast food, or whatever is in my pantry that is microwavable. And who wants to workout when you’re feeling like this? Not me!

Another issue I have run into is a gradual decline back into my old ways. Sometimes nothing in particular may trigger my downfall, but old habits will start to creep in without me even realizing it. I haven’t necessarily lost my motivation, but I have stopped being conscious of my health. How do we fix this? By creating habits. Make your healthy living second nature so that when unhealthy eating or lack of exercise occurs, it will feel odd to you. When these things are habitual your body will crave the exercise and nourishing food. But reality is, we all have issues and situations that arise that may cause us to fall of the bandwagon for a period of time. So how do we get back on? Here’s how:


Remember why you want to be your healthiest you

  • For starters, we all feel great when we are active and eating right! We have more energy, we sleep better, and we can add years onto our lives. Being your healthiest you may also mean decreasing your risk of diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, or alleviating joint pain by losing those extra pounds.  Those benefits sound worth it to me! Write out your intentions and goals in a fitness journal and come back to them whenever you need inspiration to get back on that bandwagon.

Keep a food journal

  • For the first part of the year I kept a food journal. It really helped me eat clean because who wants to write down and admit that you ate 4 cookies in one sitting!? Once I was in the habit of eating clean I stopped the journaling, but will come back to it again if I am in need of a bit of a push. It brings me back to square one, reteaching me to be conscious of what I am putting in my mouth.


Just do it

  • Sometimes working out just does not sound good. But has there ever been anyone who has actually regretted a workout? No! You feel great and accomplished afterwards, making the rest of your day more productive. Force yourself to get out there and exercise, and give yourself credit for it by writing it in your fitness journal! Track your progress and try not to go more than a couple days without working out. There are no tricks of the trade on this one…you just have to get out there and go for it. Need more motivation or workout ideas? Head to these links:


  • Drink, drink, drink! (Water, I mean). When you’re dehydrated you are much more likely to follow your cravings because you may feel hungry, but are actually thirsty. When cravings come along drink a glass or two of water and then see how you feel. Still hungry? Pick one of these yummy foods to fuel your body the right way:


Start your day the healthy way

  • In order to set your day up for success, you must start your day successfully. Wake up, drink a couple glasses of water, and eat a healthy breakfast. If you have the time, do your workout in the morning as well. This will motivate you to keep making healthy choices throughout the rest of your day. I usually have 2 eggs in the morning, but if I need a change or even an add-on if I need extra fuel, I’ll choose one of these delicious options:

Anyone else have any tips on how to get back on the fitness bandwagon? How do you like to recenter after a weekend of eating out or an illness that took you away from your workouts? I hope everyone’s week went smoothly and I will catch you all next week!

Until next time,

Tiffany xo