Happy fitness Friday, everyone!

I hope last week’s motivational post inspired you to be your healthiest! What changes have you made? Are you sticking to them? What are you most proud of?

As for me…well I had a pretty big cheat night this week. Macaroni and cheese, oreos, licorice, and twix. (Insert ashamed face emoji…) While my cheat night was over the top (and was followed by an upset tummy), it made me want to get back on track the next day. And I did! I didn’t deprive myself and in the end it didn’t throw me off my goals. In fact, I started doing something again this week that years ago used to be second nature to me…STRETCHING!


Stretching is so important for your body and not just after exercise. One of the most obvious benefits is increased flexibility. But with that also comes injury prevention, improved posture, and for me…better sleep and stress relief. When my body doesn’t feel all tight and knotted up I can relax and rest easy at night. Going through a simple yoga flow that stretches and engages multiple muscle groups is one of my favorite ways to wind down for the day. But most people I encounter don’t know where to start exactly. Here’s what I recommend:


Start off in this position, stretching that front hamstring. Keep both legs straight, hips and toes pointing forward. Breathe through each stretch, staying in each position for a minimum of 20-30 seconds. With each exhale sink deeper into your stretch.


Now sink down into a lunge. Keep your front foot flat on the floor and your leg at a 90 degree angle. Keep your back flat and your back leg straight, pushing that heel back to get a better stretch. While keeping your form sink your hips down to get a deep hip flexor stretch.


Now lower that knee and push back into this position, stretching that front leg again.

Come forward and press into a plank. Engage your core and after holding 30 seconds repeat the stretching positions on the other side.


I hope this inspires you to make small changes that benefit your health! Keep checking back on Fitness Fridays to see other changes I am making for myself and my health.

Until next time,

Tiffany xo