Everyone has that lady in their life that they just can’t seem to figure out what to get…that’s where I come in! Now I know I might not be listing every possibility here but with Christmas right around the corner at least this can give you some ideas to get you started.

For the makeup addict:

Anastasia Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette. This is a unique palette with warmer tones that goes well with every eye color and skin tone!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill duo blush is a staple and who doesn’t want a good highlight? These duo palettes allow the best of both worlds! My personal fav is the duo between prosecco pop and amaretto!

For the tea lover:

Teavana flip tumbler… you guys these things are crazy. Not only can you make loose leaf tea on the go, you don’t even have to worry about taking the leaves out before you drink it! Just flip it and enjoy.

For the Perfume lover:

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. This is definitely a unique smell to other perfumes, but nonetheless it is one of my favorites. With a perfect mix of floral and musk, I can’t help but put this on every time I walk into Sephora!

For the crazy one outside:

Under Armour cold gear leggings. For those of you that brave the outdoors to workout or for those of you like me that are always cold, these are amazing. They are still breathable and so comfortable. Don’t get me wrong these don’t suddenly make you feel invincible to the snow, but they do help those of us that need a little extra warmth.

For that special someone:

Different from what some of you think, we don’t always need tangible gifts! Plan a romantic night for the two of you, and this goes for guys and girls! I 100% understand that spending money on Christmas gifts isn’t always an option. Plan a special night and just enjoy it. Put your phones away, looking lovingly into their eyes (:P) and remember what Christmas is really about. Sometimes these gifts last a lot longer than anything you can buy.

Good luck and happy shopping everyone!