Let’s be honest…who doesn’t like a good snack? Whether you are partway through a shift, driving down the road, or watching too much Netflix, a good snack can make or break the moment. A good snack, however, can make or break your clean-eating goals too. Snacks are tricky for your health goals – they can either set you up to succeed or sabotage you. That is why I want to share my key to healthy snacking: be prepared!

Okay, this isn’t rocket science but trust me. If you are prepared for those late afternoon or late night cravings, you will find it so much easier to make healthy choices rather than fall victim to habit. If you are prepared for your Netflix marathon, you will find your healthy choices becoming habit.

So what does being prepared mean? It means writing out a grocery list that includes healthy snack options, rather than walking up and down the aisle and picking whatever looks good (lets be honest: potato chips will always look better than sweet potatoes in the moment). It means cleaning and cutting those healthy snack options in advance so that they are ready to eat without any extra effort (like pineapples or bell peppers). And it means literally putting those prepared snack options somewhere you will see them. I’m not making this up…a real scientific study (http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1090198115610571?journalCode=hebc) showed that people who literally just have fruit sitting on their counters are better off than those with sugary things (think soda and cereal) on their counters. And by “better off” I mean the people with sugary things on the counter weighed on average 20-26 POUNDS more than the people with fruit on the counter.  That’s a lot!

Unbeknownst to my husband, I actually did an experiment of my own. You see, I bought some pineapples from the grocery store and put them out in plain sight, uncut. A few days later he still hadn’t even touched them! So after three days, I took a pineapple, sliced it up and left it on the counter:



I left the room and a couple hours later, the pineapple…..





Perhaps it was a silly thing to do, but it proves the point! Healthy snacking is a matter of making it EASY on yourself. Now, simply rearranging your pantry won’t automatically make a couple dozen pounds fall off you hips. But what it will do is it will set you up to succeed!

Happy and healthy eating, everyone!

Until next time,

Tiffany xo