It’s Fitness Friday again! Did you all de-stress with some stretching throughout the week? Did you start your day in a healthy way? I know I did. I also took another baby step in my fitness journey. I’m stepping it up a notch and starting to sweat!

In my former fitness days (I’ve never been consistent when it comes to working out) my favorite type of home workout was always HIIT. High intensity interval training. You can do it anywhere with little to no equipment, it keeps your heart rate high, and allows you to build muscle. So basically it is the best of both worlds; cardio and strength training. What I like to do if I’m in a pinch for time (i.e. the baby is down for a nap and I have to clean up, workout, and shower all before he wakes up) I will pick 5-8 moves and do each for 1 minute, completing the circuit twice. Mix up your cardio moves with your strength training exercises, and take a 20-30 second recovery period after about 4-5 moves. With that being said, here are some of my favorite HIIT exercises…

Squat Jumps

Bend into a deep, wide stance squat keeping your spine, neck, and head in a straight line. Bring your hands together in front of your chest. Now jump up as high as possible bringing your hands to your side, and land back down in the starting squat position. Do as many as possible in 1 minute.

Mountain Climbers


Come into a plank position and bring one knee into your chest, switching legs as fast as you can. Complete for one minute.


Upright Bicycles


Come into a V-shape with your body, legs and back straight with your hands behind your head. Bring your left elbow and bent right knee together, twisting your torso. Alternate sides, keeping your form for 1 minute.

Standing Leg Lifts

Come into a semi-squat with one leg out to the side. Lift your leg up and down while keeping your body still. You can switch legs 30 seconds into the exercise or complete on one side during the first circuit and switch sides the next round.

Jump Rope


I have been really into jumping rope lately! I found a cheap jump rope at Five Below for $5! Works great for keeping my heart rate high. Jump for one minute.

Rest and recover for 30 seconds, and repeat!

Who is coming on this journey with me!? Small changes each week, establishing 1 habit at a time, creating a healthier lifestyle for ourselves. Lets live our best life yet! Now is the time. Don’t wait one more day!

Until next time,

Tiffany xo