I was recently asked by a friend about wearing thigh high socks. The never ending question of how to wear them without looking a little…promiscuous. So I decided to put a few outfits together using them! Here are some tips you can use to rock those socks:

thigh high socks Thigh High Socks

  1. Keep it more covered up on top! I chose to button my top up all the way and put an edgier necklace over top of it. This balances out the socks making them not the focal point of the outfit and the covered up top keeps the outfit from having too much skin.

thigh high socks thigh high socks

2. Pair them with tights. I would suggest keeping with black tights so you don’t get too much of the color blocking effect. By putting tights underneath it dulls the contrast which again will pull away from the socks looking like they are too much.

thigh high socks thigh high socks

3. Jeans! By using them over jeans it keeps the outfit more casual. I love wearing them underneath my over-the-knee boots for a little extra something. Plus you are all covered up and ten times warmer (a constant issue for me!)

4. Don’t wear them with stiletto style heels! Keep it to wedges and flats.

p.s. It was SO windy out, aka why I am holding my hat so it didn’t fly away, welcome to Michigan.



Photography: Hunter Brumels