I use coconut oil, well…ALL the time. Oils had a bad reputation for a time because they are labeled as fats. And yes, they are fats! Which is why we use them in moderation and sparingly, but they also have so many benefits! The reason coconut oil is my fat of choice is because of its higher smoke point and lets face it…it’s so yummy!

The smoke point of an oil tells us how high of a temperature we can cook it to without it starting to smoke and produce harmful fumes. Coconut oil is ideal for sautéing and baking, meaning it can withstand higher temperatures. If you choose to buy your oils refined, which basically means it is more processed, the oil has an even higher smoke point. But I choose to buy my oil unrefined for several reasons. When the oil is refined, the processing takes out most of the nutrients and flavor! And when coconut oil gives us the benefits of being an antioxidant, an anti-microbial, an anti-fungal, and an anti-inflammatory agent, who would ever want to refine it!? So add it to your morning smoothie or sauté your veggies for lunch in it and start reaping the benefits!

Also want soft hair and supple skin? Lather your hair in it 15 minutes before you take a shower or use it as a face mask!

Until next time,

Tiffany xo