Trench Coat;   Scarf (Out of pictured above, but similar one!);    Skinnies

Hunter Brumels Photography

If you haven’t already noticed, my clothing choices usually stay pretty neutral (aka lots of black). When you don’t wear a lot of color, you find other ways to find statement pieces. That is why I am absolutely in love with this coat! This coat has great shape without being overly fitted (Note: a belt comes with it, but I took that out for this outfit). In order to make it more of a statement, I kept everything underneath it neutral and dark, bringing in a little bit of white with the scarf and a red lip for an extra pop. You can still have those statement pieces in your closet without wearing color!

If you also haven’t noticed, black skinny jeans are my staple. I seriously recommend that everyone own a pair of black skinny jeans. You can dress them up, dress them down, and where them just about anywhere. I prefer more of a high-waist to keep them versatile and let’s be real, the hold everything in very nicely. Now let’s see your neutral statement pieces!