Depending on the month, aka how many products I am able to try, I love to do beauty favorites. Mainly because I know how much I like seeing other peoples favorites, so I figured I would do my own! I have picked a few of my standout products this month that I keep going back to. And no this does not necessarily mean that I bought them this month….but let’s be real don’t we all forget that we buy certain things until it’s clear out the bathroom day?! Exactly. Lets get to the beauty! In no particular order:

1: Real Techniques Beauty Blender

This is a recent find that I absolutely love! I use a damp beauty blender everyday for foundation, concealer, and setting my under eyes so finding one I like is important. I had been using ones from TJ Maxx which worked just (and great price) but I kept hearing about these guys. After wasting money trying out the Target brand beauty blender (don’t even try it), I finally went for these! They really aren’t that much more expensive for a two pack and are absolutely amazing! I love the flat edge for foundation and the pointed edge for concealer. Overall my favorite blender I’ve used so far.

2: Lancome Defincils High Definition Mascara

I got this travel sized mascara when Lancome does their special gift(s) if you spend over $35. Hence why I am very strategic about when I buy my foundation 😛 I love the thickness that this adds to your lashes and really does lengthen them. As always I layer it over my classic Covergirl Lashblast Mascara. I find that that is a good base and makes sure they don’t clump and the Lancome adds the extra umph I love!

3: Lancome Color Design lipstick in Natural Beauty (cream)

I think I have finally found my perfect nude lipstick! I also got this with the previously mentioned special gift and it is the It has such a nice neutral tone to it that makes it work well with my skin tone. It is creamy so it doesn’t dry out your lips, which also means it doesn’t last a crazy amount of time but I don’t mind reapplying. Also to note, I don’t know why but the example pictures on the website make it look so dark, it is definitely not that dark (see below picture for reference)!

4: Purity Made Simple Cleanser

This is one of those products that I always come back to after I venture out to try something new. No matter how many times I try to find something that might work better (or might be cheaper, let’s be honest), I always come back to Purity. It does have a scent to it but I personally love it. I remove my makeup with a makeup wipe and then go in with this to cleanse. I find that it feels great on my skin and seems to really get all of the makeup residue off. I love using this morning and night!

5:Amazonian Clay Healing Mask

Ya’ll. Seriously love this mask. I got mine at Whole Foods but if you don’t have one close to you, you can buy it here on Amazon as well! All you do is mix the clay (see below picture for reference) with equal parts water or apple cider vinegar. I haven’t personally tried ACV but I’m sure it would be amazing! I feel like my skin is instantly softer and it really does help with the overall tone of my skin.

march beauty favorites

march beauty favorites

March beauty favorites


What are your beauty favorites?!






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