Putting in the effort to work out can actually be fun…when you’re seeing results. But when you hit a plateau and its been weeks since you’ve seen the scale move or those lumps go down it’s hard to keep going! So what should you do about it? Here are some ways to jump off that plateau to keep running towards your goals.

IMG_08991. Don’t give up! Do not get so discouraged that you start going back to your old habits. Press on, and a month from now you’ll be happy you did!

IMG_08792. Lift! Are you only doing cardio thinking that is the ultimate weight loss solution? It’s not! Start lifting to tone up and even lose weight.

IMG_10063. Surprise you body. Been doing the same exercises over and over? Your body gets used to them and eventually doesn’t need to work as hard to complete them. Surprise your body by changing up the routine, using different muscles and different workouts to make your body work harder.


Keep it up, everyone! Push through and you will start seeing results again!

Until next time,

Tiffany xo