My family and I eat, well…probably gallons worth of yogurt. Literally. The only issue I face is how much sugar is put into each cup!! I started really reading labels last when my husband and I completed the Whole30, as mentioned in previous posts. We weren’t allowed any sugar for those 30 days, and when the ban was lifted I realized how much sugar I was actually eating and how much worse I felt when I didn’t regulate my intake. Now..I am not a stickler with sugar, but I do believe in moderation. Which is why I switched my yogurt choice to plain Greek yogurt. Yes, the label does say it has sugar in it, but anything dairy is going to contain some sugars. It’s the added sugars you want to worry about, so always look at the ingredients and watch out for the other names sugar has as well (maltose, dextrose, fructose…). So instead of buying those sugar-filled, flavored, individual cups of yogurt, I make my own concoction! Plus, the plain Greek yogurt has a whopping 23 grams of protein in it!


You can really make it however you would like, but the two ingredients IΒ alwaysΒ include are:

  • Honey- to cut the tart taste
  • Cinnamon- because it’s obviously yummy and so good for you!

From there you can add whatever you want! My favorites are cut up pieces of apple and granola, but you can add whatever fruit or nuts you want! You can also pre-make the yogurt and store it in the fridge and add the granola, fruit, or nuts when you’re ready to eat. This is such a yummy, protein-packed, low sugar snack! Enjoy!

Until next time,

Tiffany xo