What is the most important part of your workout routine? Well…my answer may surprise you.


Rest days are so important for your body for several reasons. Most times my rest days are active; incorporating stretching or a long walk throughout the morning or evening. But sometimes…well sometimes my rest days are in full-on relaxation mode. My hubby and I are vacationing in Vegas this week celebrating the next chapter in life, and while we are taking full advantage of our hotel’s gym, we are also taking our rest very seriously.


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So why are rest days so important? Here’s why…

  • Muscle recovery. Hard workouts actually damage your muscle fibers, which is why you feel sore the next day. Rest allows them to repair, getting stronger as they rebuild. None of us want to work 7 days a week and neither do your muscles!
  • Avoid burnout. Too much of anything, even a good thing, isn’t good. We need rest days to refocus and give ourselves a break.
  • Time to set your intentions, set your goals. Use this time you would normally use for your workout to set goals for the next week. What do you want to accomplish? What does your work/life schedule look like? Try and pencil in workouts like you would any other appointment.  If you treat your workouts like an event or meeting you have to attend you will be less likely to break it.


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Until next time,

Tiffany xo