Even though Michigan hasn’t figured out it’s Spring yet, I think it is far past time to move on from Winter and into the days of tank tops and sunshine. That is completely irrelevant to the topic of this post buuuut I felt like that was a valid statement as it is currently April 4 and I am sitting inside watching it SNOW outside! Now onto the real reason for this post…

I am a huge fan of the comeback of jean jackets, hence why I decided to make a post on it. I haven’t ever really stopped wearing jean jackets, but it has been in different styles and shapes other than the a-typical denim jacket. I found this one at H&M and absolutely love it. It has aΒ great medium wash that can be worn with just about anything. I love that you can make it way casual or a little bit more uptown. I decided to pair mine with some booties and a great hat to make it a little bit more “uptown”. I also love to pair it with my converse and a simple white tank for a more casual look.Β If you don’t currently own a jean jacket I highly recommend finding one and going for it!

So how do you guys feel about the comeback of the denim jacket?!