If you are looking for a super trendy and young city, then our second stop is for you! Denver, Colorado was our next stop and well worth the two nights.

There is so much to do in Denver so we had to try and make it to as many spots as we could in two days. My favorite spot was Larimer Square! It isn’t very big, but it is a super quaint “downtown” that has the cutest shops, restaurants, and my favorite…a champagne bar πŸ˜€ From Larimer Square you can walk to so many places, like Union Station, which is definitely worth a walk through! It is still a working train station amped up with some food shops and crazy cool bar.

We also had to make a stop to the local Denver Zoo…so many different kinds of animals! From tigers to polar bears to hippos, they have it all. If you are a zoo fan than this is a great one!

The last thing I am going to share is one of the coolest things ever. There is a restaurant called Williams and Graham. It is not just any restaurant, however. When you walk in, it looks like a tiny little library, you check in and the host pulls a certain book on the book shelf and bam… the whole book shelf opens! Behind the book shelf is a small- speak-easy style restaurant. Be sure to check in as soon as they open to get a table. Β Super fun to visit even if it’s just for a drink!









Hopefully someday I will be back to this lovely city!