After a one night pitstop to break up the drive, we made it to our next stop the Grand Canyon! Well, technically we were staying in a town called Flagstaff but close enough. We were here for two nights which was a perfect amount. We got to see the town, introduce James to Chick-fil-a, and of course visit the Grand Canyon!

If you are looking for a great dinner spot in town, visit Criollo for some amazing Latin food and an even more amazing happy hour! The downtown is not very big, but there are some cute shops and restaurants that are worth a stop.

Oh the Grand Canyon. The pictures below don’t even begin to describe the beauty and vastness of this place, it needs to be on everyones bucket list! If hiking isn’t for you, there are multiple hiking view points at different parts of the canyon, each with amazing views. However when you are dating a professional athlete going to the first view point isn’t really an option. We stopped at the third view point and got to go sit out into the Canyon a little bit amazing. I highly suggest packing food (which we did not) and sitting out on the rocks to enjoy it! Just remember, whatever you hike down, you have to hike back up 😮 Let’s just say it was a good thing James could stay chipper and keep me movin all the way back up.

If you ever have the opportunity, please go visit the Grand Canyon! It truly is amazing and pictures will never be able to do it justice.

grand canyon






I used to love the Flinstones so when I saw this campsite we had to stop 😛

I hope that everyone gets a chance to visit this place someday!