For 23 years I have lived in the United States, yet only seen a very small part of it. That has finally changed over the last few weeks! My boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip from Michigan to California. We took two weeks to drive to California, stopping in various parts on the way. It has been SO beyond amazing and so I decided to blog a bit about each stop (the first stop was Omaha as a way to break up the drive, so we will skip over that!).

Our first travel stop was the Rocky Mountain National Park, yes camping! We stayed in Morraine Park in the National Park. I highly recommend this campsite as you are close to bus stops and close to Estes Park, the nearest town. For most of the year you can reserve a specific campsite online, which is super helpful. Keep in mind that you do have to pay for entrance to the national park on top of your campsite fee! We loved being in the A loop. Close to the bathrooms (that was for me :P) and great views of the elk in our “backyard”!

End of September was a great time to go. Beautiful colors and perfect temperature for hiking. However, be prepared for extremely cold nights! I would definitely recommend going into Estes Park at some point or another, it is a picturesque town with lots of quaint shops and restaurants.

Our trail experience was kind of all over the place. We started out on the trail for Glacier Gorge, took our own path to the top of some rocks (the boyfriend likes to take the path less traveled) and then made it to Dream Lake and Emerald Lake. An amazing hike, but definitely a long one!

Last but not least, take the time to drive up Old Fall River Road. And yes, take the old dirt road all the way up to the top. We were in a little Chevy Cruze, so if we made it up so can you! It is a beautiful drive with great scenery. Well worth it!











Stay tuned for more stops to come!