Just like we take care of our skin, we should also be taking care of our hair! I think that often times we skip over our hair and don’t really bother too much…It’s time to change that!! That is why I chose three products that are super easy to use!

P.S. I’m saving the best for last, so make sure you read until the end!

The first product is one I have been using for quite some time now. It is theΒ Moroccanoil Treatment. This is a hair oil that works wonders! I use it on washed, towel dried hair, and also a little bit once it is done drying! My hair absolutely loves oil but this stuff is a little bit on the heavier side so make sure you are only putting in on the lower half of your hair. I use roughly two pumps for wet hair and one small pump for dry hair. This bottle lasts forever so don’t let the price scare you.

The second product is theΒ Bed Head After Party. I have been using this for years and still absolutely love it!Β This is a smoothing cream that is not as weighing as you think. Some people like to use it before styling, but I like to use it once I have finished my hair. This tames most of the frizz and adds a little bit of shine at the same time. I put a tiny bit on my roots where I get some baby hairs and mainly at the ends to keep my hair nice and smooth.

The third product is my holy grail hair product! I swear to you I will be using OlaplexΒ the rest of my life. This is a hair mask like none other and actually works differently than most. Instead of coating the hair like most masks do, this product actually goes into the strands to repair the bonds…aka great for those of you that have bleached your hair! You can find this at some hair salons and online. I get my hair wet, towel dry and comb it, and then put this on my whole head. Once I have it combed through I will leave it on from 30-60 minutes and then wash it out. This is not a leave in hair mask so make sure you wash it out after! Just like with any hair product this can only fix so much, it is not going to mend split ends, so be sure you are getting regular haircuts!

I know it is tempting to buy these kind of things when you see them at Walmart or a drug store, but I always recommend buying these from hair salons to ensure the highest quality product πŸ™‚

I would love to know anyone else’s holy grail hair products!