Trends are one of those sneaky things that you can never really keep up with. As soon as you catch on to one trend, that trend is “so last season” and the new one has been brought on! However, I wanted to share with you all two of my favorite trends right now, both of which I think are going to stick around for a little while!

The first trend is the fluted sleeves. Now… I know these aren’t for everyone. But I just love them. And just because the style is a little bit on the feminine side doesn’t mean you can’t edge it up so it isn’t so girly! This shirt is light weight, super comfortable, and SO affordable which makes it great for dressing up everyday wear. I prefer to wear this style top with a more form fitting bottom, so far it has been mainly skinnies. With a less fitted top, I try to keep the bottoms fitted to give more shape. I promise you this is one of those trends that you can find just about everywhere right now! So find which one suits you best and rock those sleeves!

The second trend is embroidered boots. Specifically floral embroidered boots! I absolutely love these boots from Topshop. I wore them to church a couple of weeks ago and had three girls ask where I got them! That means two things. 1. This trend is indeed as popular as I’m thinking it is and 2. Soon I’m going to be matching all the girls at church, it’s fine 😛 I think that this trend is so unique and I love that it is bringing in a modern twist with a little bit of the old school embroidery. I know that I have seen multiple styles on Topshops website as well as many others! Embroidered boots galore.

I would love to see how all of you guys are styling your trends this spring and summer! So don’t forget to use #catwalkandcuisine so we can check ’em all out 🙂



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