Sometimes day style and night style can be two very different things. AndΒ some days, whether it be because we are too busy or because we just plain don’t feel like it, we can’t always change our whole outfit from the day, before we go out for our evenings. That is why I LOVE outfits that I can make a few simple changes and they follow me right on through! Here are a few tips on taking your outfit from day to night πŸ™‚

Tip #1 :Β Add a bomb jacket (yes, I did just say bomb)

Honestly, what you wear over your outfit can make such a difference in the whole style of it! That is why it is the easiest thing. With this outfit, wearing the chambray shirt made it super casual, but as soon as I added the leather jacket it immediately edges it up a little bit and transitions the outfit to night! Plus if you are anything like me, you will need the extra bit of warmth. As much as I am partial to a good leather jacket, that is not the only option! Wrap coats, long oversize sweaters,Β the options are endless.

Tip #2 : Throw on your favorite heels

Simple as that. I am such a shoe addict so I am always looking at how people’s shoe choices can change the style of an entire outfit! This outfit is a prime example. Since I was just walking around town during the day, I kept it casual and comfortable with my converse. However as soon as you change it to a heel (and no you don’t have to wear 5 inch stilettos to do so) it dresses it up a little bit and gives it a little bit of umph….if that’s a word.

Tip #3 : Go bold with your lip (not pictured)Β 

A great simple way to add a little somethin somethin is to pull out those lipsticks you never dare to wear! Get the lipstick you bought two years ago but always thought was just too much, and go for it! Believe me, the more you wear lipstick, the more daring you will get with your color choices! This is the easiest way to edge it up and bring your outfit to the evening style!


Bringing your style from the day into the night does not have to be hard! It can be so easy you can even avoid having to attempt to change in the back seat with out being seen (don’t even try and tell me you haven’t done it before). So go out and stay out. Rock the day style and transition without a hitch into your evening style!



style, fashion, day to night

Style, fashion, day to night

style, fashion, day to night

style, fashion, day to night