Some of you may have seen my sisters post, love me some fat, using coconut oil in cooking. What many people don’t know is the wonders of coconut oil in your beauty regime. Here are a few ways that I use coconut oil (extra virgin) everyday!

  • Hair Mask. I cannot even tell you how much I love using this as a hair mask. I wash my hair every other day (for those of you that wash it everyday, don’t do it! Check out the wonders of dry shampoo and save your hair), and this is what I use the night before my wash. The night before I know i’m going to wash my hair I will load in the coconut oil (mid shaft to ends), braid it, and sleep on it. This allows the coconut oil to soak in and once you wash it out you are left with gloriously soft and shiny hair. I know some of you may think that you already have oily hair and this is just going to make it worse, I promise you it will not. Avoid the roots and you will be just fine!
  • Moisturizer. Not only does coconut oil make your hair soft, it also makes your skin insanely touchable. I have recently started to apply this to pretty much my entire body before I go to bed every night. You do feel a little greasy going to bed but if you rub it in well enough you don’t even notice it. By the time you wake up it has all soaked into your skin and it looks and feels amazing!
  • Makeup Remover. This isn’t something I have been doing for very long, but I have loved it so far. I will just warm up a little bit of coconut oil in between my fingers and then rub that all over my eye makeup. Believe me, it doesn’t look pretty. When I feel that I have gotten most of it off, I will then go in with my face wash and clean the oil and makeup off. The coconut oil seems to break up your makeup easier than most removers therefor saving you from rubbing your eyes (and eyelashes)!

There are so many great uses for coconut oil, these are just a few that I regularly use. Thinking I may have to try it with shaving next time!

P.s. Save money and go to some place like Sams Club or Costco and get a big jar of it, it lasts forever and is much cheaper!

How do you use coconut oil in your beauty regime?!