My my it has been way too long since we have posted! We are both so excited to be back up and running again with a new look. We hope you guys love it as much as we do!

Now to the post!

I feel like we have seen so many different trends this summer. So I decided to put my three favorite trends from this season all into one outfit!

The first one is a solid throw back to the 90’s. The chokers! Although it kind of makes me feel like i’m 8 years old and rockin my black plastic one, I love the modern take on it. This is a long suede-ish one from Aldo that I am loving at the moment!

The next is the off the shoulder tops. I think that these are so fun and you can literally find them anywhere right now. I don’t have too many of these yet so if you guys have any favorite please send them my way! I just loved the print on this one and they are so easy to throw on with some skinnies for an easy Summer look.

The third trend is my absolute favorite! Reflective sunglasses. I fell in love with these ones (and they are only $16 from Aldo, winning) right when I saw these. They may not be the fab Dior ones, but these are still great! I never used to be a big sunglasses person until this season. All the different shapes are a great way to edge up any outfit and they are so fun!

What are some of your favorite summer trends?!



summer trends

summer trends