Vest 1 Vest 2

Noelle Miles Photography

We all have those pieces that we love too much to pack away with our winter clothes when spring rolls around. That is why I love figuring out ways to bring those items into spring with me! This is a vest that White House Black Market had out for this previous winter season, so I decided to styleΒ around that piece.

Although I have all dark underneath it {surprise, surprise}, the vest is a great transition piece from winter to spring. The cream adds some light to the outfit and a plus to wearing it in spring is that you don’t have to ever put a coat over top of it! An easy way to bring pieces into spring is to add a pop of color in other places, for me that happens to be in my necklace. Depending on your piece, add a lighter summer scarf or some white skinnies to help them transition seamlessly!

How do you guys bring your winter items into spring?!